MyEtherWallet is a webservice that allows you to create Ethereum address. Store, send and receive ETH giving you a 100% control over your private keys. Read a detailed review below.

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Excellent customer service with a sense of good humor 🙂
MyEtherWallet gives you the power to create an Ethereum address so you can store your ETH or any ERC20 token. After signing up MEW gives full control and responsibility over your private keys and therefore your funds.

What MyEtherWallet does is giving you a web page to access your currencies and do any stuff with it: sending, receiving, exchanging, buying ICO tokens etc. It's an interface to the grand Ethereum blockchain!
I really find the mobile support convenient. I recommend MyEtherWallet 🤘
What is also good about MyEtherWallet is a huuge community. They have tons of educationg videos and articles. Have a look at the 'Useful Links' section below to see some inspiring examples.

Some people reported loss of funds on Reddit and Facebook. I'd recommend to be extremely careful using NEW as it's still imperfect. Also there are some of phishing projects trying to mimic origin MEW website. Always check the URL and sertificate!
The best ETH wallet ever! Kudos Folks! You are awesome 😁
Using the MyEtherWallet software is simple and practical. You can set any gas setting and control the speed of your transaction. But be careful! A huge gas level of a failed transaction will lead to fund loss.

Participating in ICO with MyEtherWallet is dead simple. All you need is to get the ICO ETH address, check the smart contract and send an amount of ETH you want to invest in. Viola! The custom tokens will be automatically sent to your MyEtherWallet. You can access them anytime by clicking the "Add token" button.

This features makes the MEW a good and reliable choice to operate your ETH. Hovewer, the team still has a lot of things to improve!
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